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TÜBİTAK'tan MD - PhD Eğitim Programı Öğrencilerine Müjde!
2211 - Genel Yurt İçi Doktora Burs Programına başvuru yapan MD - PhD Eğitim Programına kayıtlı öğrencilere 60 aya kadar aylık 5500 TL burs imkanı
Öğrencilerimizin Dikkatine C-COMEND Duyurusu
Dear Colleagues!
We would like to remind you about the Professional Training in the field of Translational Medicine for Early Career Researchers, provided by C-COMEND.
C-COMEND is a two-year European training project developed by the consortium of institutions from Germany, Sweden, Austria and Netherlands, and supported by the Erasmus+ programme 
We are sure that the idea of organizing Courses on Translational Medicine is of great importance, mainly for Young Researches tending for best practices in research, education and innovations for further medicine development.
Detailed information is in the attached and available online at: //www.eatris.eu/c-comend.html
IMPORTANT! Application deadline: 31 July 2016
Best regards,
Oksana Sulaieva
General Secretary of ORPHEUS