Graduate School of Health Sciences

Hacettepe University was founded in accordance with the law number 892 in July 8th, 1967. Faculty of Medicine, which is the basis of Graduate School of Health Sciences, is one of the three initial faculties during the establishment of the university. Departments of Domestic Economy, Physical Treatment and Rehabilitation, Medical Technology and Nursing were affiliated to Faculty of Medicine, which was the first educational establishment that provided both undergraduate and graduate education in these departments of science. By a reorganization implemented in a later date, these Vocational High Schools were subordinated directly to the Presidency of University and some undergraduate programs conducted by Faculty of Postgraduate Education including Medical and Health Sciences were affiliated to Faculty of Health Sciences. With this reorganization, Faculty of Health Sciences gained the institutional identity that provided only undergraduate education in medical and health sciences in Hacettepe University for the first time in Turkey. After the enactment of Higher Education Law Act No. 2547, the title of “Faculty of Health Sciences” was changed into “Graduate School of Health Sciences” in accordance with Decree-Law No. 41 in July 20th, 1982.

By the enactment of Higher Education, Institute of Child Health, Public Health, Neurological Science and Psychiatry, and Oncology were included within Graduate School of Health Sciences since 1993. However, the programs of Graduate School of Public Health were transferred to this Institute in December 2014, by the Hacettepe University Senate decision (Date: December 10, 2014, Number: 2014-390)

The Integrated Doctoral program for the Doctorate of Medicine and of Philosophy (MD-Phd), which was generated by integrating the standard education in Medical School, have been carried out by Graduate School of Health Sciences by the application of Higher Education Council’s act 15273 on July 15, 2003.

Department of Health Facilities Management, which had been included in Graduate School of Health Sciences, was transferred to Graduate School of Social Sciences in 2012.

Graduate School of Health Sciences has pioneered in meeting the demand for raised academicians in today’s popular scientific fields by its newly established multidisciplinary programs such as the Stem Cell opened in 2011, Bioinformatics opened in 2013 and Research and Development in Drugs openend in 2015. The operation of Graduate School of Health Sciences has been conducted as in stated in Higher Education Law Act No. 2547 by Hacettepe University Regulation on Postgraduate Education and Examinations.

Deans of Graduate of Health Sciences (Before 1982 with the name Faculty of Health Sciences)

Prof. Abdullah KENANOĞLU (July 4th, 1967 - July 7th, 1969)

Prof. Ekrem GÜLMEZOĞLU (July 7th, 1969 -  July 3rd, 1971)

Prof. İlhan KERSE (July 3rd, 1971 - September 19th, 1972)

Prof. Aydın AYTAC (September 19th, 1972 - July 1st, 1975)

Prof. Doğan TANER (July 1st, 1975 - July 1st, 1981)

Prof. Ferhan TEZCAN (July 1st, 1981 - July 20th, 1982)

Directors of Graduate of Health Sciences (After 1982 with the name Graduate School of Health Sciences)

Prof. Ferhan TEZCAN (July 20th, 1982 - September 1st, 1988)

Prof. Muhsin SARAÇLAR (September 1st, 1988 - September 1st, 1994)

Prof. A.Atilla HINCAL (September 1st, 1994 - September 2nd, 1997)

Prof. N. Sezgin İLGİ (September 2nd, 1997 - October 1st, 2003)

Prof. Hakan Sedat ORER (October 1st, 2003 - February 7th, 2012)

Prof. M. Kadri ALTUNDAĞ (February 7th - November 11th, 2012)

Prof. Ersin FADILLIOĞLU (November 1th, 2012 - January 29th, 2016)

Prof. Diclehan ORHAN (February 5th, 2016 – November 12th, 2021)

The Director of Graduate School has been Prof. Müge YEMİŞCİ ÖZKAN since November 12th, 2021.