ALES - Foreign Language Scores

Minimum ALES/TUS/YDUS* and Foreign Language Scores* Required for Application to Programs of Graduate School of Health Sciences

Master of Science (Thesis) and Doctor of Philosophy programs

Foreign Language Score



 Master of Science Programs (Thesis) 60 60
 Doctor of Philosophy Programs
 (TUS Scores are also valid for applications to the programs in basic medical sciences.)
70 60
 Integrated Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy Programs
 (TUS Scores are also valid for applications to the programs in basic medical sciences.)
70 80


Non-thesis Master of Science Programs Foreign Language Score



Clinical Neurological Sciences and Psychiatry Department  Clinical Neurological Sciences 60 not required
 Consultation-Liasion Psychiatry 60 not required
Clinical Pharmacy Department  Clinical Pharmacy not required 55
General Surgery Department  Clinical Nutrition not required not required
Nutritional Sciences Department  Nutrition And Dietetics 55 not required
One Health Department  One Health not required not required
Orthopeadics And Traumatology Department  Pediatric Orthopaedics and Pediatric Spine Surgery 70 not required
Pediatric Basic Sciences Department  Pediatric Autoinflammatory Diseases 70 not required
Pharmaceutical Applications Department
 Drug Research and Development 55 55
 Registration Of Medicinal Products 55 55
 Hospital Clinical Pharmacy not required not required
Pharmaceutical Technology Department
 Biopharmaceutics And Pharmacokinetics 60 60
 Pharmaceutical Technology 60 60
 Cosmetology 60 60
Public Health Department  Public Health 60 60
Simulation in Health Sciences Department  Simulation in Health Sciences (Distance Education) 70 not required
Social Pediatrics
 Child Abuse and Neglect 60 60
Urology Department  Uro-oncology 80 not required
    Foreign Language Score TUS/YDUS Score
Pediatric Basic Sciences Department  Pediatric Neuromuscular Disorders 60 60

*ALES Score (Academic Personnel and Postgraduate Education Enterance Exam Score)

  • ALES is in Turkish
  • The exams below may substitute for ALES
    • GRE
    • GMAT
  • Please check ALES - GRE and ALES - GMAT conversation tables here.

*TUS Score: Examination for Speciality in Medicine Score

  • TUS is in Turkish

*YDUS Score: Examination for Sub-speciality in Medicine Score

  • YDUS is in Turkish

*Foreign Language Score

  • YDS: Foreign Language Examination (Organized by Turkish Government)
  • The exams below may substitute for YDS
    • International Exams
      • CPE
      • CAE
      • TOEFL iBT
      • PTE
    • Please check OSYM's (Student Selection and Placement Center's) conversation tables to convert the scores of internatinal exams indicated above to YDS scores here.
    • National Exams
      • YOKDIL
      • TIPDIL

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